Guillermo del Toro Shares His Top 5 Horror Films and How Films Change with Age

Your reaction to films change with your age. That’s the main takeaway of this 2015 interview with Guillermo del Toro in which he ranks his top five horror films…well, that and he maybe witnessed a murder. He just goes into it so casually I don’t know if he’s being serious or it’s just a language barrier thing!

It’s kind of crazy that Guillermo ranks Jaws over films like Halloween and The Exorcist, but I think he justifies it well! I still want to know about that murder story though…

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Watch: John Oliver needs these things to be invented immediately

In his regular HBO show that features “the fewest games and the least impressive thrones,” John Oliver has a segment in which he tries to understand why some things still exist, like daylight savings time or the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. But he’s now looking to figure out why some things that we desperately need haven’t been invented yet.

Last Week Tonight is on vacation for Memorial Day, so Oliver recorded a YouTube exclusive video to tell us some of the things he’d like to see invented to make our lives easier.

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“[While] there are many things in this world that should no longer be things, there are also many non things that should absolutely be thingified,” Oliver says. “Brought into thingsistence, if you will.”

Some of the things Oliver wants to be invented include a universal safe word for getting out of small talk that’s run its course, a wink for proposing threesomes, Ambien but for getting through the day, a biodegradable treadmill that starts to break down after a month of misuse, bread pants, and a search engine that lets parents search for phrases like “the guy who’s on that show we like” and “oh, she’s married to what’s his face.”

The entire segment follows below, and we can only hope it becomes a regular segment on Last Week Tonight.