Google Pixel phones are almost here: Livestream, price and ‘official’ leaks

There’s one more exciting phone hitting stores this year, the Google Pixel series. Google is expected to discontinue its Nexus program this year and replace it with the Pixel. The company wants to make high-end mobile products that will compete against the iPhone better, but Google is still hiring third-party OEMs to manufacture the actual phones. We saw numerous Google Pixel (Sailfish) and Pixel XL (Marlin) leaks so far, so it’s time to check out some “official” ones.

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Launch date

Just as some reports said, Google will unveil the new Pixel phones on October 4th. The company will livestream the event on YouTube as well, and the company is already promoting the mobile event on YouTube and social media. Google is still trying to be rather cryptic about things, just check the following clip. But it’s more than clear that the entire thing will be about new mobile hardware, the kind of devices that hardcore Android fans expect.