POWER RANGERS Director Talks about New Film and Creating Its Own Universe

The first trailer dropped last weekend for Lionsgate’s Power Rangers movie, and I have to admit, I was a little underwhelmed. I think the movie has potential, and it was interesting to see the tone that director Dean Israelite went with. It’s definitely a darker version of the franchise with a ragtag group of Breakfast Club-type characters that gain superpowers. There’s no doubt that we’ll get a better look at the film in the next trailer.

During an interview with THR, the director talked about the film and said that it’s currently in the process of editing and visual effects. When talking about what he wanted to do with the franchise when making the film he explained:

“I think the guiding light for me was, how do I take the spirit of what was, for me, a fun and heartfelt show and make the characters come to life in a way that gives nuance and complexity to them, and gives a lot of emotion to them. That was one guiding principle for remaking the show. The other was to make it grounded and real, and make it feel real and relatable even though the adventure was epic. I thought if I could do that, and maintain the fun of the show, I could bring it to life in a whole new way.”

He also discussed what he was looking to bring to the film to make it feel unique, saying:

“I think I grew up on those characters and watched them grow up, too. There wasn’t always much depth and complexity to the show, but the themes of it are complex. I thought if I could bring those themes and embellish them and make them nuanced and multi-dimensional, it could echo the start of the show. All five of our Rangers are on their pretty personal journeys, and I think that’s what makes this franchise unique unto itself. It’ll always be, at its heart, about the emotions and the people in the center of it all.”

When asked about making this movie in an era of superhero and comic book film from Marvel and DC, the director said he wanted to take Power Rangers and create its own universe:

“I always thought this brand had its own deep and rich history and I wanted to create its own universe. I really wanted to try hard to make everything photographed in a very real, contemporary style — even in the ways we executed the design, I wanted you to be able to look at the machines and the ship and the suits, as if it’s its own universe. I want our one to be seen as its own thing.

“In terms of the other superhero movies in recent years, you look at the degree of artistry in those, and in terms of technical achievements, they definitely raised the bar. But I try not to copy any of those movies, and ensure that we can be our own thing.”

It’s cool to know that he’s trying to do something different. When talking about working with these characters in the film, specifically the villain Rita, he says:

“I think it’s a case of taking the characters to places that they had never been before, but had maybe needed to go. With Rita, she still has the madness and humor that made her work so well in the series, but there’s something more. Elizabeth Banks is perfect in the role, because she can balance the humor and the drama the character needs in a way that almost no one else could.”

As for how he feels about what’s he’s done with the Power Rangers movie so far, he said:

“What I’m proud of, and what’s exciting to me, is that it’s a real character driven movie. There’s real emotion in this film, and I think people will be surprised by it. I don’t think this movie is just one thing — I think it doesn’t have to be grim, I think it should be fun, and it should be adventurous. I think this movie hits those different notes well, and this property is so ripe to mix all those things together.”

I wish they would have put some of that fun and adventurous stuff he’s talking about in the first trailer! I guess we’ll see it eventually. Power Rangers will be released March 24, 2017.

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Samsung finally responds to reports that ‘safe’ Note 7 phones are exploding

There is little question that this has been a rough weekend for Samsung executives, who have been dealing with the latest events in a public relations nightmare that just won’t stop unfolding. It all started shortly after Samsung released its new flagship Galaxy Note 7 phablet, when reports that the phone was spontaneously exploding began sweeping the web. Samsung would ultimately determine that some units were equipped with faulty batteries, and the company had no choice but to issue a global recall of the 2.5 million handsets that had been shipped to distributors worldwide.

But that was only the beginning.

DON’T MISS: Samsung stayed silent after ‘safe’ Galaxy Note 7 exploded and sent a man to the ER

Samsung was quick to state that the problematic batteries that were causing Galaxy Note 7 handsets to go up in flames all came from one factory. So the company shifted all production to another supplier and began shipping replacement devices to retailers so that they could swap out affected Note 7 models for new “safe” phones. Of course, you’ll immediately notice that placing the word “safe” in quotes does not bode well.

Replacement Note 7s then began exploding. The first reported incident happened aboard an airplane on the tarmac, and then a replacement Note 7 reported ignited and burned a 13-year-old girl’s hand. But the most damning report thus far involved a Kentucky man who was in contact with Samsung after his replacement Note 7 exploded. Despite the obvious and serious risk these new Note 7 phones appear to present, Samsung said nothing and even considered trying to “slow him down” so that he wouldn’t go to the media with news of his exploding phone.

Several additional reports have since surfaced, and now it appears as though Samsung is finally beginning to take action. The company has reportedly halted production of the Galaxy Note 7 while it investigates these new incidents, and all US carriers have stopped selling the phone. What’s more, wireless carriers are allowing returns or exchanges regardless of when a Note 7 was purchased or swapped.

The company has stayed quiet over the past week as reports piled up, but on Sunday Samsung finally issued a brief statement.

“We are working diligently with authorities and third party experts and will share findings when we have completed the investigation,” a Samsung spokesperson told The Verge. “Even though there are a limited number of reports, we want to reassure customers that we are taking every report seriously. If we determine a product safety issue exists, Samsung will take immediate steps approved by the CPSC to resolve the situation.”

No, this response doesn’t do much to appease users who now wonder whether or not their Note 7 devices are ticking time bombs, but at least the silence has been broken. Regardless of what happens at this point though, BGR still recommends that all Galaxy Note 7 owners return or exchange their phones immediately in order to ensure their own safety and the safety of those around them.

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STAR WARS Veteran Warwick Davis Will Be in STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII

Warwick Davis started his acting career in the ’80s when he played the Ewok Wicket in Return of the Jedi. He has since appeared in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, he played an alien named Wollivan in Maz Kanata’s cantina in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and will also appear in Gareth Edwards’ Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. He has now confirmed that he also has a role in Star Wars: Episode VIII.

Davis recently appeared on News.com.au for an interview and while there he was asked if he would have a role in Star Wars: Episode VIII, and this is what he said:

“I do, yes. That’s all I can say.”

I guess this shouldn’t come as a surprise. It seems like he’s become the good luck charm of the Star Wars franchise. Most of his roles in these film since he played Wicket are fairly small, but it’s cool that Lucasfilm keeps asking him to come back. I’m sure he’ll have a place in every Star Wars movie that gets made from here on out. The actor went on to tease what is to come in the franchise, saying:

“There were some wonderful moments, some moving moments and it was full of all the action that we expect, so for me it ticked all the boxes, I loved it. And I think it sets up the trilogy very well. Obviously we’re moving into the territory of Episode VIII very soon as well, and much like Empire Strikes Back I’m sure it’s going to deliver some quite impactful story moments, and it’ll leave us with some cliffhangers as well which resolve in Episode IX.”

This is just a small portion of a much larger interview that is worth reading, especially if you’re a fan of the actor. He talks about his past with Star Wars, watching Stranger Things, and more. 

Star Wars: Episode VIII hits theaters on December 15, 2017.

Via: Jedi News

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Lambo and Porsche might be teaming up to build a Tesla-killing EV

Is Lamborghini feeling a bit jealous now that Tesla’s Model S P100D is the fastest production car in the world? With a 0-60 MPH time of just 2.5 seconds and a quarter-mile time of 10.7 seconds, Tesla’s most recent addition to its Model S line is an absolute screamer. Just a few weeks ago, we even saw Tesla’s flagship Model S go head to head against a Lamborghini Huracan where it managed to hold off the supercar for at least a good 10 seconds.

In light of that, a sketchy rumor from AutoBild (via Electrek) relays that  the higher ups over at Lamborghini aren’t pleased with Tesla’s newfound claim on speed and have started an electric supercar program internally known as project Vitola.

DON’T MISS: Samsung might actually be facing a second Galaxy Note 7 recall

What makes the report all the more interesting is the claim that Lamborghini is basing its design on Porsche’s Mission E platform.

The Mission E isn’t out yet, but as we’ve detailed previously, Porsche is sparing no expense as it looks to battle it out with Tesla in the luxury EV market. Earlier this year, the German automaker said that it plans to add hundreds of additional employees to its Mission E team alongside a pre-existing plan to invest more than $1 billion in factory upgrades as a means to speed up Mission E production.

Spec wise, Porsche’s Mission E is ambitious. Though nothing is obviously final yet, Porche’s concept envisions an electric car with 600 horsepower, incredible acceleration, a range of 310 miles and an impressive re-charge time of 15 minutes.