Cool Trailer for VSauce YouTube Series MIND FIELD

Everyone who reads this site should be familiar with YouTuber Michael Stevens, aka Vsauce. For years, his videos about the human mind, science, and other topics of the sort have netted him a popular fanbase that equals over 11 million subscribers! Those who watch him enjoy his entertaining and interesting videos that teach them things while simultaneously blowing their minds!

That looks to be what Mind Field is all about. Mind Field takes your typical 12 minute Vsauce video and blows it wide open with a full-length series jam-packed with experiments, high production quality, and more! One thing I saw I’m particularly excited for is the experiment where he sits in a white room in solitary confinement for three days!

The only real downside is this documentary will only be available to those who have YouTube Red, which is the premium version of YouTube. Has anyone tried it out? Is it worth having? 

Look out for Mind Field on YouTube Red January 18th!

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9 paid iPhone apps on sale for free right now

2017 has been a solid year so far for app sales, and the trend continues on Tuesday. Today’s list features nine premium iPhone and iPad apps that would typically cost you anywhere from $0.99 to $3.99 a piece to download, but right now each and every one of them are on sale for free for a limited time.

These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.

Photo Reminders


Normally $0.99.

– iOS 10 notifications with attached image
– iCloud synchronization
– notifications with “remind me at location”
– add images from the Photos app
– use Camera to take photos
– e-mailing a note
– create voice memos
– creating text notes
– setting the date and a sound reminder
– sharing a note through social networks
– sorting according to addition and reminder dates and filtrating notes
– searching notes by the name and their description.

“Photo Reminders” is the opportunity to make a reminder quickly and clearly about any event: a meeting, a birthday gift purchase, a concert, an important call or simply an evening walk with your pet.
Moreover,you can sort out your reminders by groups

Ideal application for those who value their time.

It’s enough to * Choose the photo from the Photos app, * Make a photo or * Record a voice message”.

“Photo Reminders” enables to create reminders instantly, without spending time for the description of the forthcoming event, which is also convenient while driving.

How does “Photo Reminders” work?
For example, walking around the city, you can pay attention to the poster: premiere of the long-awaited movie. You get the phone, take a picture by the means of this application – at the necessary moment the program will inform you that it is time to buy tickets. The application remembers everything for you!

“Photo Reminders” is also an excellent helper in the office:
You can remind your colleagues about the forthcoming meeting through the application mailing.
Moreover, you can share the notes with anyone through social networks!

“Photo Reminders” combines various functions with the simplicity of usage. The clear and convenient interface enables to create a reminder in just a few clicks.

Download Photo Reminders

iTranslator Widget


Normally $0.99.

Just swipe down Notification Center and quickly translate the text you copied from anywhere.


• Auto-detect source language, you can also set a default language by yourself.

• Support 37 languages (e.g: Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish…)

• Automatically translate while you swiping down notification center, you can also manually translate by tapping the purple circle indicator (oh… you should turn off `Auto-Translate` in settings first, or just double tap the circle indicator to switch it ).

• Speak text by tapping country flag.

• Check history by tapping history icon ( only up to three records. Don’t worry! Just double tap the history icon, you will be leaded to host application and check all history ).

Download iTranslator Widget



Normally $0.99.

Play Happy Birthday and other songs on your iPhone and iPad with Windy! No musical experience or talent necessary!

Here’s how it works:

Simply hold down the keys on the screen and blow lightly into the microphone at the same time. Then…

– Tilt your iPhone to the left to play flat notes…
– Tilt your iPhone to the right to play sharp notes…
– Tilt your iPhone up and down to play across three successive octaves…
– Hold down keys to transition among pitches and octaves…

Play whatever you want, however you want! Windy is a fully functioning and interactive digital musical instrument.


Download Windy

Awesome Lists


Normally $3.99.

Awesome Lists a designed as a simple and elegant solution to all the lists you make. It’s uses are only limited by your imagination. With an emphasis on quick entry, a clean interface, as well as data that syncs to all your devices in real time, the app is simple but very powerful.


• Create colorful and fun lists
• Cloud syncing to all your devices
• A simple and clean interface
• Fast data entry
What could you use Awesome Lists for? Well here’s a list:

• To do Lists
• Shopping Lists
• Packing Lists
• Inventories
• Bucket Lists
• Wish Lists
• Needed Items
• Projects
• Checklists
• Goals
• Outlines and Points to cover
• Places to visit
• Your Favorite Things
• And Much More!

Download Awesome Lists



Normally $0.99.

The world’s smartest alarm that checks real-time traffic and factors in your morning routine to calculate your optimum bed & wake up time.

Includes an intelligent nap timer with preset recommended nap lengths so you don’t over sleep or get a sleep hangover.

Pair a sleep sensor to enable soundless alarm! Wake up with gradual lights and taps instead of a loud, disruptive alarm.

Download wakerapper



Normally $3.99.

Need to get somebody’s attention? Want to alert a colleague?
A bit bored at work or school, want to annoy your friend or make them laugh?

Buzzcom makes it easy to send audio and vibration alerts to friends, colleagues and even complete strangers. Once connected with the press of a button you can make the other users device vibrate and play a sound, you can even record your own sound bite.. the possibilities are endless.

Best of all there’s no need for a 3G connection and costly 3G bills as the connection is made via bluetooth or wi-fi*

– Audio messaging at your fingertips, record anything you want!
– Make the others persons device play your recording with the press of a button.
– Pick and choose who to Buzz or select multiple people at the same time.
– Setup a profile with a picture and connect up to 7 users automatically.
– See who’s buzzing you with animating profile pictures!
– Disable sound and vibration alerts (perhaps you need to silently alert the other user)
– Easier and quicker than a text.

Ideal For fun (It’s not all serious):
– Throw your voice across the room and scare people.
– Irritate your friends and play pranks on people.
– Record funny sounds and play them on your friends device when they least suspect it.
– Create a running joke, spread irritating comments that stick in your head, record and send favourite movie quotes! Be creative and have fun!

You might even start a new craze amongst your friends!

Ideal For work:
– Silently alert your colleague.
– Get someone’s attention at a distance.
– Send an audio reminder to someone.
– Send important messages instantly.

* Both devices need to be on the same wi-fi connection or have bluetooth enabled.

Download Buzzcom

iDownloads PLUS PRO


Normally $1.99.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This app is only for downloading NON-Audio/Video content e.g. pdf, docs etc which means that this app has NO functionality what so ever that can be used to download any kind of audio or video files.
Download manager:
-> Faster downloading.
-> Supports pause/resume or cancelling the downloading file anytime reliably through easy to use controls.
-> Live download progress bar, speed and size indication.
-> Able to download file of unknown size and unknown format.

File manager:
-> Powerful file search.
-> Document viewer supports Microsoft Word, Excel, Power point, pdf, txt, html and rtf file formats.
-> Extract ZIP and RAR files.
-> ‘Open with’ feature allows opening files in different apps installed on the device.

Photo viewer:
-> Photo Viewer supports all the iPhone supported image formats and shows the images in gallery and in slideshow as well.

Orientation Lock:
-> Supports Orientation lock both in portrait and Landscape mode.

Passcode lock:
-> Supports Locking of the app so that no one can access the application even when it is on and the screen gets locked or recovered from the background.

Download iDownloads PLUS PRO

Reminders Widget


Normally $1.99.

Add reminders to iOS built-in reminders app from notificatin center withou unlocking the device. Save time to look and scroll through all your tasks and reminders.
The app offers the following features:
– View due or over due reminders from all groups in one place
– View all lists reminders in one place
– Add reminders from Widget without unlocking device
– View each reminders group list by itself
– Switch between reminders groups
– Scroll to view all reminders in each group
– Sort reminders by name or due date
– Complete reminders
– Tap on reminder to open Reminders app
More features will be added based on customer’s feedback. Please try our “Week Cal Widget for iOS calendar” app that implements a week view of iOS calendar events in notification center.

Download Reminders Widget

GIFs Viewer


Normally $0.99.

This app will get all your GIFs, so you can view and share them very easily.

· View your GIFs while scrolling
· You can easily create GIFs with with your photos with Seqnce app
· No ads
· 3D Touch Peek and Pop support.

Download GIFs Viewer

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STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII Will Focus on Luke Skywalker, Why He Went into Hiding, and More

Star Wars: Episode VIII director Rian Johnson recently talked with USA Today about his highly anticipated upcoming film. In the process, he confirmed that the film will pick up immediately after where The Force Awakens left off and revealed that the film will mostly focus on Luke Skywalker, which is what fans are really excited about seeing!  

Johnson explained, “I don’t want to skip ahead two years, I want to see the very next moment of what happens.” He then goes on to say that Luke Skywalker will play “a large part of the movie.” It will be spent addressing “why Luke’s there and what he’ll do next.”

Rey’s journey in the story will be spent dealing with “the realization that she has this power and this gift” of The Force. He continued, “She’s taking her first step to coming to terms with this thing inside her that she never knew was there and is just starting to reveal its potential.”

We’ve been hearing a lot of rumors regarding the film that you can catch up on here, but a lot of that still has not been confirmed. I’m just excited that we’ll finally learn Luke Skywalker’s story and what he’s been up to the past 30 years. 

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There are strange radio waves hitting Earth from space, and scientists just found the source

A strange burst of radio waves that has puzzled researchers for years has finally been traced to its source, answering one question but generating many, many more. The discovery was made my scientists at Cornell University along with astronomers from around the world. Now it’s up to science to help explain why the radio bursts exist in the first place, and what it could mean. 

A decade ago, scientists began detecting fast radio bursts in space, or FRBs for short. One particular FRB, called FRB 121102, was captured by Cornell astronomers, though they had no idea exactly where it was being generated. The burst was coming from an area that included many potential candidates, so they joined forces with the National Radio Astronomy Observatory which allowed them to use the extremely powerful Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array to peer deeper into the universe.

They sat and watched the area that had previously generated the FRB in question and waited for 50 long hours before spotting the burst again. With additional help from other observatories around the world, they were able to narrow the source down to a galaxy that sits over three billion light years away.

As you can imagine, spotting a radio burst from that distance means that there’s some serious power behind it. “These radio flashes must have enormous amounts of energy to be visible from over 3 billion light-years away,” Shami Chatterjee, Cornell senior research associate in astronomy, told reporters.


But finding the source answered just one of many questions the researchers still have, including what is actually creating the radio bursts in the first place. Current candidates range from a newly born neutron star in the wake of a supernova to the nucleus of a dwarf galaxy. Whatever it is, it’s so far away that it may be years before we find out.

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New Synopsis for Disney PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 5 Offers New Details

Disney has released a new synopsis for their upcoming film Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, and it offers up some new details on the story. We haven’t seen anything from the film since the teaser trailer and poster were released, so if you were looking for a new update, here ya go!

Johnny Depp returns to the big screen as the iconic, swashbuckling anti-hero Jack Sparrow in the all-new Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. The rip-roaring adventure finds down-on-his-luck Captain Jack feeling the winds of ill-fortune blowing strongly his way when deadly ghost sailors, led by the terrifying Captain Salazer (Javier Bardem), escape from the Devil’s Triangle bent on killing every pirate at sea – notably Jack. Jack’s only hope of survival lies in the legendary Trident of Poseidon, but to find it he must forge an uneasy alliance with Carina Smyth (Kaya Scodelario), a brilliant and beautiful astronomer, and Henry (Benton Thwaites), a headstrong young sailor in the Royal Navy. At the helm of the Dying Gull, his pitifull small and shabby ship, Captain Jack seeks not only to reverse his recent spate of ill fortune, but to save his very life from the most formidable and malicious foe he has never faced.

Geoffrey Rush will also be back as Barbossa, Kevin R. McNally will play Joshamee Gibbs, Golshifteh Farahani takes on the role of the sea-witch Shansa, David Wenham plays Scarfield, and Stephen Graham is Scrum.

The film is being directed by Norwegian filmmakers Espen Sandberg and Joachim Rønning (Kon-Tiki), and it hits theaters on May 26, 2017. I’ve got high hopes for this film because of the directors who are making it. 

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Xiaomi made a smart TV that’s thinner than an iPhone

It wouldn’t be CES without new TVs, and we already saw a few compelling TV innovations at the show. One of them comes from Xiaomi, and it’ll certainly turn some heads this year. Chinese gadget maker Xiaomi announced the Mi TV 4 at the show, a TV set that comes in sizes up to 65 inches. It’s also thinner than an iPhone, or any other smartphone for that matter, which is quite remarkable. But then again, it’s even not the thinnest new smart TV out there in Las Vegas this year.

The Mi TV 4 measures just 4.9mm thick at its thinnest point, featuring an almost bezel-less frame, and it comes in three sizes, including 49 inches, 55 inches, and 65 inches. Of note, LG’s new OLED TV is just 2.57mm thick, and Sony announced a similarly sized new Bravia model.


By relocating all the electronics to the included Mi TV Bar, Xiaomi was able to create a TV that’s just a screen. The Mi TV Bar also has 10 speakers, and the system comes with two wireless rear satellite speakers as well as a subwoofer. The smart TV is upgradeable thanks to this modular design, as users would only need to upgrade the Mi TV Bar to make the jump to a new smart TV generation.


The Mi TV Bar is connected to the TV with a single cable, the Mi Port, that carries all the signals to and from the TV. Samsung also came up with a similar solution for its latest QLED TVs

The software that powers the Mi TV 4 includes the PatchWall advanced AI recommendation system, Xiaomi says, which sits atop Android. PatchWall has “a large amount of metadata about movies and TV shows, cross-referenced with your own history to make intelligent content recommendations tailored to you.”


Finally, the TV ships with Dolby Atmos Home Theater support. That means two speakers are firing sound towards the ceiling, which then reflects it to create “an immersive 3-dimensional experience.

The Mi TV 4 will be priced under $2,000, Xiaomi says, and will ship in China later this year.

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Radical New Trailer for VOLTRON: LEGENDARY DEFENDER Season 2

DreamWorks Animation has released a brand new trailer for Voltron: Legendary Defender season two, and it’s awesome! It looks like fans are in for a thrilling new season, and I can’t wait to watch it. The creative team behind this series has done such an incredible job handling the story, characters, and animation. It’s one of the best animated series currently in production, and if you haven’t watched the first season yet, what are you waiting for?!

Team Voltron has been scattered throughout the universe in the aftermath of a perilous battle with Zarkon, Haggar and the evil Galra Empire. Working to bring the lions back together to form Voltron again, the Paladins’ plan to defeat the Galra once and for all takes them across the universe in search of new worlds and unexpected allies.

Season two stars Jeremy Shada as Lance, Bex Taylor-Klaus as Pidge, Josh Keaton as Shiro, Tyler Labine as Hunk, Steven Yeun as Keith, Kimberly Brooks as Princess Allura, and Rhys Darby as Coran. It’s set to premiere on Netflix January 20, 2017.

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Gravity-defying iPhone case helps you capture impossible pics

We need to ask you a serious question: have you ever been as excited about anything in your life as the woman on the right in the photo above is about the Mega Tiny Corp Anti Gravity Case for iPhone? For real… look at her:


No, really look at her:


Don’t you want to be that excited about something? 2016 was a rough year and you deserve something pure in your life. Something as pure as the joy this woman feels while taking a hands-free selfie with the Mega Tiny Corp Anti Gravity Case for iPhone. It’s just $30 for the iPhone 7/6s/6 or iPhone 7/6s/6 Plus versions, and it’ll let you capture photos that would otherwise be impossible.

Here are some key details from the product page:

  • DON’T GET BURNED BY CHEAP IMITATION KNOCK-OFFS! Mega Tiny Corp invented the Anti Gravity Case and this is the only official version of the all-new Mega Tiny Corp MEGAVERSE for iPhone 7/6S/6 available on Amazon!
  • EVERY CASE SHIPS WITH 4 COLORS TO MATCH YOUR IPHONE NO MATTER WHICH ONE YOU HAVE! You will receive 4 backing plates that not only protect the nano-suction material, but also perfectly match the color of the iPhone (Black, Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold). Make your case a new color every day!
  • HANDS FREE USE FOR SELFIES AND MORE! Mega Tiny Corp invented the Anti Gravity Selfie Case and then we perfected it with the MEGAVERSE Anti-Gravity Case! Use one of the included plain backing plates in Black, Silver, Gold, or Rose Gold OR take it to the next level with compatible Wallet, Mirror, and Bottle Opener MEGABACKS that are sold separately!
  • STICKS TO MOST SMOOTH, FLAT SURFACES LIKE MIRRORS, GLASS, TILE, METAL, WHITE BOARDS, AND MUCH MORE! Mega Tiny uses only the highest quality Japanese nano-suciton material available to make sure your MEGAVERSE Anti-Gravity Case doesn’t let you down!
  • GET RID OF THAT EMBARASSING SELFIE STICK! No more being embarrassed in public with a selfie stick!

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BGR Deals content is independent of Editorial and Advertising, and BGR may receive a commission on purchases made through our posts.

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In 2016, Marvel Studios Kicked DC Films' Ass — And It Wasn't Even Close

In a perfect world, both Marvel Studios and DC Films would release movies that are equally enjoyable, each exploring rich thematic territory and taking a different stylistic approach to their storytelling to give audiences a sweeping selection of options when they watch mega-budget superhero films. And in discussing a “perfect world” scenario, we might as well throw in the idea that in that situation, fans would react in a level-headed and reasonable fashion to the fact that not everyone shares their opinion about those movies. But we live in a world in which a vocal subset of fans react as if the end of the world has arrived when critics don’t like a movie they’ve been looking forward to for years, and one in which some people refuse to accept the idea that they can appreciate movies from multiple studios at once. There’s a “line in the sand” mentality that’s become more fortified than ever this year, so instead of attempting to convince people that it’s perfectly acceptable to enjoy films from different studios, I’ll lean into the divisiveness, throw tact to the wind and tell it like it is: Marvel Studios absolutely dominated DC Films last year.

To be clear, I don’t mean financial domination. But just for kicks, let’s break down the box office numbers real quick before we get into the meat of this article. Combined, DC’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad made $1.61 billion. Captain America: Civil War made $1.1 billion by itself, and adding the $657 million Doctor Strange has made since its release in November brings Marvel Studios’ combined total to $1.81 billion for 2016. So even if you’re just looking at this as a numbers game (which, why would you, unless you’re a studio executive or a stockholder?), Marvel still “won” in 2016.

I’m much more interested in the creative side of the equation. I’m talking about how one studio made two movies last year that told their stories in coherent fashion, and one made two jumbled messes that don’t hold up to the most basic scrutiny. Sure, DC Films is fighting an uphill battle — but it’s the studio’s own fault for being in this position in the first place. It’s no secret that Warner Bros. hasn’t been doing so hot lately, so in a desperate maneuver for big hits (and perhaps some sort of ego-driven statement about doing things differently than his competitors), the studio’s president decided to haphazardly introduce all of the DC heroes in one movie before giving them their real team-up movie and then spinning them off into individual films. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, he decided to introduce a separate team of villains/antiheroes in an entirely different movie, but instead of letting his filmmakers work how they wanted to, he and his executives reportedly meddled so much that the films became the new gold standard of what a “made by committee” movie looks and feels like.

All films are subjective, and everyone is obviously encouraged to have their own opinions about movies. But there are some aspects of a film that can be objectively judged by their effectiveness, and when it comes to the fundamental communication of information from the filmmakers to the audience, DC Films blew it last year. This isn’t to say that Marvel has been perfect, because they haven’t. Zemo’s plan in Civil War is nearly as convoluted as Lex Luthor’s in BvS. But the biggest difference between the two, at least as I see it, comes down to characterization. We understand why the Marvel characters react to situations the way they do. It’s in line with their personalities from the comics, and more importantly (and this is crucial), the filmmakers give us enough insight into their characters in the text of the films themselves that we don’t have to solely rely on outside comic knowledge to justify their decisions. The same can’t quite be said of the DC characters, at least in the two movies from 2016. Zack Snyder’s take on Superman is not the same Superman we know from the comics, and that’s fine; a new interpretation is welcome, but when you combine that with objectively shoddy storytelling, it’s easy to see why Batman v Superman doesn’t work for a lot of people. And while it’s possible David Ayer may have been able to make a great Suicide Squad movie if given a reasonable schedule and left to his own devices, that’s not what happened. The behind-the-scenes troubles of that film have been heavily publicized, so there’s no use in beating a dead horse by bringing them up again.

2016 was a divisive year in this country, and the comic book movie fandom community didn’t escape that divisiveness. I’ll continue to push for the idea of fans putting down their pitchforks, taking a step back, and looking at these films as individual pieces of storytelling rather than being excited about the idea of simply seeing some of their favorite comic book characters on screen (regardless of the overall quality of the films in which those characters appear), but the chasm has grown so large that at times it’s felt like a lost cause. So instead of pleading for a logical response to these films, I couldn’t help but take the opportunity to point out that just about any way you look at it — regardless of complaints about critics’ imagined bias favoring one over the other — the truth might hurt, but on the big screen, Marvel straight up kicked DC’s ass last year.

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Android might be coming to your car whether you like it or not

Apple and Google have been in a heated race to take over the automotive space for some time now, and both companies have had middling success. Today, the battle for the touchscreen on the dashboard of your next new car may have swung dramatically in Google’s favor thanks to a new partnership between Alphabet and Fiat Chrysler. In a pre-CES press release, Fiat Chrysler announced that its Uconnect in-vehicle infotainment system will now be integrated with Android. 

Most new vehicles that come with some form of a touchscreen interface utilize whatever operating system the manufacturer managed to cobble together. They’re often slow, clunky, and not terribly attractive. Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto have thus far existed on the fringe, allowing owners of supported vehicles to use the platforms if they want, but as a secondary option behind the default built-in software.

Now, Fiat Chrysler is using Android 7.0 to support its Uconnect software, taking over the job of designing and maintaining its own custom Android skin, and fully integrating Andriod’s app support and other features on a core level. A working concept of the Android/Uconnect marriage will be on display at CES 2017.

It’s a smart move for Google, who is a seasoned veteran when it comes to handing over the keys to its mobile platform to manufacturers. Apple, on the other hand, keeps things much more locked-down, and it’s hard to imagine Cook and company giving anyone — especially an automotive manufacturer — the freedom to tweak iOS in a similar way.

It’s interesting to note that many brands under the Fiat Chrysler umbrella are on Apple’s list of CarPlay proponents, including Chrysler, Fiat, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, and Alfa Romeo. It’s unclear if any vehicle that would utilize the Android-flavored Uconnect software would also support CarPlay, but that’s probably a long shot.

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