ScreenJunkies is back with a new Honest Trailer, and thanks to the winner of their Batman v Superman showdown, they’ve turned their attention to Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns. I remember being disappointed with this movie when it first came out because Superman doesn’t throw a single punch in the whole film, and rewatching it for a huge Superman Blu-ray review I did for the site a few years ago, I pretty much came to that same conclusion. Here’s a section from that review:

Speed and power are portrayed much better through the development of technology since ’78, Brandon Routh was fantastic, and the plane crash sequence is really solid, but beyond that, there really isn’t much to say about this movie that separates it from its homage qualities. The whole subplot with the kid never sat well with me, though in a big reveal it’s implied this was Superman’s child from when he had sex with Lois in the Fortress of Solitude in Superman II. Regardless of whether that decision makes sense in continuity, it’s such a cliched story point that never goes anywhere and just falls flat. We go nearly two hours of screen time before Lex even sees Superman, and when he does, it’s anticlimatic. That’s actually the whole problem with this movie, I think – it’s anticlimatic.

So while I like this movie’s intentions, it’s hard to actually defend it against the critiques leveled at it here. Enjoy.

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New report details PS4K specs, price and potential for exclusive games

About a month ago, rumors of an upgraded PlayStation 4 console began to spread across the internet. The new model, dubbed PS4.5 or PS4K by fans, is expected to support 4K resolution, but little else had been revealed until Giant Bomb was able to confirm several huge details with multiple sources this week.

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According to Giant Bomb’s report, the 4K-capable PS4 carries the codename NEO internally. Sony’s NEO PS4 is said to feature 8 Jaguar Cores running at 2.1 GHz (as opposed to 1.6 GHz on the original), an improved AMD GCN with 36 CUs at 911 MHz and 8 GB of GDDR5 RAM at 218 GB/s.

Although it doesn’t appear that Sony will separate the player base by making games exclusively for the upgraded console, several documents indicate that the company will require developers to include both a “Base Mode” for original consoles and a “NEO Mode” for upgraded consoles on all PS4 games beginning in October.

Similar to earlier reports, Giant Bomb’s sources claim that the NEO PS4 will exist alongside the standard model. Other than the upgraded hardware, the user experience should be completely identical for NEO and standard owners.

The documents also show that Sony is adamant about standard PS4 owners not feeling left behind once the NEO launches. The company has told developers not to any exclusive incentives for playing the NEO version of a game, which includes anything from cosmetic unlockables all the way up to special game modes and features.

No release date was mentioned in the documents, but with “NEO Mode” becoming a requirement in October, it would make sense for the upgraded console to launch before the end of the year, likely at a price of $399.

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HARDCORE HENRY Recapped in Amusing Speedrun Animation

The team at 1A4 Studios has another animated speedrun video for us, and this time they’re shining a light on the “wonderfully insane” first person POV action thriller Hardcore Henry. After watching this and the awesome behind-the-scenes footage that came out a few days ago, I may have to actually give this movie a shot one of these days. At the very least, those who are on the fence about seeing this movie might be able to get a better sense of what actually happens in the film, since this particular video isn’t told from a first person perspective.

Warning: this video contains spoilers.

Via: Sploid

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It’s almost ridiculous how much T-Mobile is beating its rivals

It can’t be said enough: T-Mobile under CEO John Legere really has shaken up the wireless industry in the United States. Whether it’s been introducing rollover data plans, paying off rivals’ early termination fees or eliminating overage fees, the “Un-carrier” has dictated the terms of competition in the mobile industry for the past three years. The carrier has been regularly rewarded for its work by posting eye-popping quarterly subscriber numbers, and a new report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners shows just how much T-Mobile has been thrashing rivals.

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In its estimates for the first quarter of 2016, CIRP has found that T-Mobile was the only major American wireless carrier to gain significantly more subscribers than it lost. Here’s the key data table:

Screenshot (245)

T-Mobile’s retention rate is on par with those of AT&T and Verizon — the different here is that it’s adding new customers at a significantly faster clip. In all, T-Mobile post a 42% gain in subscribers moving from other carriers while Verizon posted only a 14% gain and AT&T just posted 10% gain.

“Once again, T-Mobile showed it can attract significant numbers of new customers, while retaining its current ones,” explains CIRP cofounder Josh Lowitz. “It attracted new customers from other carriers at an astonishing rate, attracting another 42% of their base of existing customers who activated a phone in the quarter. Sprint also gained a significant percentage of customers relative to its base, but lost almost as many. AT&T and Verizon saw existing customer losses slightly exceed gains, and only with the addition of first time phone buyers, did they grow slightly.”

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Take The Action to The Skies With These STAR WARS Kites

When was the last time you flew a kite? Do kids even play with them anymore? How can kites possibly compete with virtual reality, video games, and the new golden age of television? Well, being shaped like Star Wars characters and ships is a good start.

ThinkGeek has unveiled a series of officially licensed Star Wars kites that will give you control of some of the galaxy’s most recognizable items. Pick one up for $39.99 here.

Choose to fly R2-D2, the Death Star, Luke’s X-Wing, or Han’s Millennium Falcon (hey, he won it fair and square). You can stage peaceful, floaty dogfights. The X-Wing’s swooping in on the Death Star for the trench run! Just like in the movies, only a lot more relaxing.

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Only in China: 6 bulldozers fight it out in the street

I’m not really surprised to see six bulldozers going against each other in the middle of the street, during an ordinary day, in China. Crazy things tend to happen over there, and the following video, recorded by an eye-witness, shows these massive machines fighting it out like it’s a demolition derby show.

You’d think there’s always a chance that this entire scene was staged for the sole purpose of going viral online, but that’s not the case here. It’s a real rumble in the streets, a fight between men operating heavy and dangerous machinery.

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You can easily see regular cars trying to get away from the scene, as it’s about to get ugly. The bulldozers try to ram each other, and one of them does get flipped over. I guess that you fight by the bulldozer, you die by the bulldozer. Thankfully, nobody appears to have gotten hurt in this video, but at least one person’s machinery was toppled over. Friends wielding other bulldozers came to his aid quickly, trying to lift the bulldozer back up.

According to The Associated Press, the bulldozer fight erupted between construction workers belonging to different companies, which appear to be fierce rivals. It’s not clear what caused the incident, and I will say that I’m more interested in the kind of argument that concludes in a bulldozer fight, than the actual insane fight that ensues. Check out the video below.