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Green Power

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Alright, This New Full Trailer for JUSTICE LEAGUE Is Pretty Damn Cool!

The past few days Warner Bros. has been leading up to the…

New HAN SOLO Movie Details Reveal His Real Name Might Not Be Han Solo… Wait, What!?

Thanks to Disney CEO Bob Iger, we've learned some new details…

Darth Vader Is the Main Focus of This Awesome ROGUE ONE Featurette

Lucasfilm has released a must-watch featurette for Rogue One:…

Slow Wi-Fi could be completely eliminated by gigabit infrared light

Much as Wi-Fi is a marvel of modern technology,…

Stephen King Shares the First Movie Poster For THE DARK TOWER

Stephen King has released the first poster for the upcoming…

Someone ported ‘Pokemon Yellow’ to the Apple Watch

Because the emulation community won’t rest until…

HARDCORE HENRY Recapped in Amusing Speedrun Animation

The team at 1A4 Studios has another…

It’s almost ridiculous how much T-Mobile is beating its rivals

It can’t be said enough: T-Mobile under CEO John Legere…

Take The Action to The Skies With These STAR WARS Kites

When was the last time you flew a kite?…

Only in China: 6 bulldozers fight it out in the street

I’m not really surprised to see six bulldozers going…

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